Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Transsexual leaves boyfriend after he paid $24,000 for her visa

She met Ian Young when he was working as a security guard in Malaysia.

Fatine was born a man called Mohammed Fazdil in Malaysia.

.She left him after he spent S$24,000 to get her a full visa.

 According to The Daily Mail, Mr Young claims that his life is in a mess after she left. 

She stayed with friends in Blackpool and tried to work as a showgirl.

However, she couldn't get a job and then moved to Manchester, where she lives on welfare benefits.

BRITAIN - A transsexual left her husband after he spent 12,000 Sterling pounds (S$24,000) to get her a visa to stay in-country.
English news site The Daily Mail reported that a Malaysian pre-operative transsexual walked out on her British husband two weeks after he helped her win rights to stay in the country.
According to the news site, 38-year-old Fatine, who was born Mohammed Fazdil Min Bahari, told her husband Ian Young that she would be jailed if she returned to Malaysia so he would help her get a visa.
She left him two weeks after she got the visa.
Life in ruins
The Daily Mail reported Mr Young as saying that his life was now in ruins after he spent the the 12,000 Sterling pounds on the visa.
He also tried to commit suicide and is now rebuilding his life, according to the English news site.
The couple met when Mr Young was working as a security guard in Malaysia. They stayed together even after he discovered that she had been born a male.
Fatine stayed in England on a six-month tourist visa before she was awarded a full visa. She had cited death threats made against her on internet sites to support her visa application.
After moving out, she stayed with friends in Blackpool and tried to work as a showgirl. After she couldn't get a job, she then went to Manchester and is now living on welfare payments.

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