Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meat Glows Blue in Shanghai

Straight out of a science fiction tale comes this true story of blue glowing meat in Shanghai, China. Some pork purchased in supermarkets in Changsha City emitted a blue glow much to the surprise and fear of those who had cooked some of the meat and eaten it in various appetizers.

Oddly, the blue color is only seen at night, making it possible for one
who has had one  drink too many to think they are having an hallucination. The morning after, so to speak, the meat looks normal.
The media picked up the story and forced the hand of the Changsha Food Safety Commission, who immediately mobilized the efforts of the business, livestock, industry and commerce, health, and other departments and at invited experts and professors to participate in the investigation.
Although none of the experts consulted admitted they had never seen such a thing, they all concurred that “blue glowing pork” is caused by secondary bacterial contamination.
Shanghai Health Supervision Department food experts say the pork that has been contaminated by phosphorescent bacteria is still safe to consume after cooking and heating.
So far, no one has tested this theory.
Maybe more colors are needed before consumers feel safe eating meat that comes in different shades and hues.
Red roasts and green sirloins, coming up!

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