Sunday, April 10, 2011

Holly Thompson:Student dislocates jaw when yawning

A student who was bored during a lecture let out a large yawn, only to find that she could no longer close her gaping mouth.
University student Holly Thompson, 17, was attending a lecture on government and politics when her yawn ended up dislocating her jaw.
After she discovered she could not close her mouth, Holly frantically nudged her friend for help.
Her friend tried to help before anyone noticed, but was unable to do so. 
To Holly's embarrassment, they had to alert the professor to the emergency, much to the amusement of the class, according to a BBC programme on Bizarre ER.
The school nurse unsuccesfully tried everything from a hot water bottle to ice packs to unlock her jaw, before Holly was eventually sent to the hospital to seek help.
According to a BBC programme, which featured Holly's unusual case, Holly  
had to be admitted to the emergency unit of a hospital. 
She was taken to Northampton General Hospital, where a doctor forced 26 wooden splints into her mouth.
Holly's footage on YouTube has been seen almost 600,000 times, according to The Sun, and American Idol presenter Ryan Seacrest even posted the link on Twitter.
A red-faced Holly was quoted as saying "My friends keep asking how my jaw is and saying I'm famous...but I'd rather be famous for something else".

Check out the video below.

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